Helping people build strength from the inside out.

Time spent at The Pilates Tree will leave you feeling transformed. You will find new muscles you may never have felt before, you will feel space in your body where tension currently resides; you will feel those nagging aches and pains ease away.



Pilates is a concept, a discipline, a lifestyle. It is a way of living that will support you in the things you love to do. It is a journey without end and one with limitless rewards when practised consistently.

Pilates can be done regardless of age or fitness level. We meet you where you are at and challenge you just enough both physically and mentally with what your body needs.

It is my passion to share the many benefits Pilates has to offer since I began teaching over 20 years ago.

When understood correctly, the classical system fosters changes in the body at a deeper level and results are seen faster. Joseph Pilates’ system is brilliant yet simple. Pilates is best defined as the balance between strength, stretch and control. It is my mission to teach what Pilates truly is – meaning what actually came from Joseph Pilates. When a client makes a new connection or understanding in their body, we celebrate it!

The Pilates Tree is the only classical studio in the interior of British Columbia providing top of the line equipment for all pieces of the apparatus on which best to learn the system developed by Joseph Pilates.

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Think of a tree

A tree is only as strong as its roots and the trunk that supports it. The same applies to the human body. If we don’t concentrate on building a good foundation and a strong trunk or core, we will end up tight in some places and weak in others, injury-prone and susceptible to the pitfalls of our occupation or chosen form of exercise (or lack thereof). Through Pilates you will reshape your body, making yourself stronger while increasing flexibility and correcting painful movement patterns. Posture is improved, stress and tension are relieved, and mental and physical training become one.

I am a 31 year old male who enjoys freestyle skiing, downhill mountain biking, surfing, sledding, shooting guns, weight lifting, and now Pilates. I will admit I was hesitant about trying Pilates for years as I was convinced it was just some weird pseudo-yoga with a bit of extra core work slipped in. It wasn’t until I reached a plateau while rehabbing from my fifth free-skiing induced leg surgery that I had a moment of weakness and decided to tag along and give it a try.

That first experience was exhausting, challenging, and very humbling when I saw that mature women all around me were flying through the exercises while I fumbled around like a newborn deer. A few days later I realized something I had lived with for 17 years had dissipated almost completely; my low back pain caused by countless knee, ankle, hip and back injuries was all but nonexistent.

After the next few sessions I began to notice how much more progress I was making in the gym and how my joints seemed to be lubed up with grease. I can honestly say that Pilates has helped me get my active life back. One year ago I could hardly walk for two blocks and now I am back to sending it down mountains with minimal pain afterwards. I cannot recommend Christine and her wizardry enough, give it a try and I guarantee if you put the effort in you will not be disappointed.

Brett McClelland

Pilates has become a special part of my life. I have been attending Christine’s studio since 2006 now and have more core strength and flexibility than I could have ever imagined at this stage of my life.

My general body strength has improved and the time to focus and relax during class is great. Pilates has been a wonderful learning curve, contributing to my overall health.

Because I have osteoporosis, it helps me to stand tall and any back pain is kept in check. My bone density has even increased! The staff are wonderful, aware of individual needs, and present us with new challenges.

Pilates will be a part of my life for as long as I am able to take part. Above all, it is great to meet new people and you feel great!

Val Vicars, Kamloops BC