Cadillac Single Leg Springs

The fundamentals on the Trapeze table (aka Cadillac) will teach you how to connect your arms and legs to your center while learning how to use the springs to feed your center connection.

Electric Chair

Great for learning how to connect the top and bottom of your body to our center while moving your legs independently of your torso.

Arm Chair

Use the arm chair to learn that your arms are really an extension of your back (connections).

Mat Intermediate 1

Do you know the foundations? If so, this is stop #2 on your Pilates journey. Stay here for a while. Everything you need for good maintenance in your body is in the intermediate mat work 1.

Foundations Mat

After learning the Pre Pilates, this is your next stop in your Pilates journey. Practice the foundations mat until you know it in your brain and in your body before moving on.

Mini Barrel Lower Body

Using the mini barrel for the lower body will help you practice your deep seat and belly connections as you practice to open your hips.

Mini Barrel Warm up and Cool Down

Choose this video as either your warm up prior to your workout or a cool down when you are done. You will feel like you can breathe deeper and stand taller.